Demonstration and Riding Task Videos

These videos have been created to help candidates understand the riding requirements at each certification level. They will also be useful to help you understand some of the example tasks within the teaching progressions that are referred to during the online courses.

SBINZ Learning Resource Videos

The following educational videos were created by the 2015-2019 Technical Team to help build instructors’ understanding on a number of topics. The goal was to explore each topic further than what the manual goes into.

Trainer’s Certification Articles

As part of the Trainer’s Certification process, all candidates have to write an article, which is then placed online for other instructors to read. The topic of this article can be anything that is relevant to snowboard teaching and the wider snowboard industry.

Many current and previous SBINZ Examiners have articles published here, going back as far as 2005.

View all the articles here.